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We are the industry leader in medically-assisted therapy (MAT) in Washington, DC. Our Washington, DC clinic offers personalized, comprehensive treatment by the top Methadone doctors. Adults 18 years and older can receive comprehensive treatment for opioid addiction from Another Way. We offer methadone maintenance, one on-one therapy, and primary care services. We provide evidence-based treatment that treats addiction’s underlying causes as well as manage withdrawal symptoms for our patients. Washington, DC, America’s capital, is a small city located on the Potomac River, near the borders of Maryland and Virginia. It is dominated by impressive neoclassical monuments, buildings and structures, including the iconic ones that host the 3 branches of the federal government: the Capitol Building, the White House and Supreme Court Building. It is also home to the Kennedy Center and other iconic museums.

Medication-Assisted Treatments (MAT) from Another Way

Another Way specializes in medication-assisted therapy (MAT). A MAT program is a treatment that helps patients with opioid withdrawal symptoms. It also reduces the euphoria and cravings. These benefits help patients stay committed to their treatment. One-on-one counseling is also part of MAT. This helps patients understand their feelings and thoughts about opioids. Patients suffering from opioid addiction can lead safer, healthier lives if they receive MAT as part of their recovery process.

Washington, DC’s Best Methadone Clinic: Another Way

Our clinic offers a MAT program that includes methadone. This medication has more than 50 years of proven results. Methadone does not have a “ceiling effect”, which means that it does not lose effectiveness if it is given a certain amount. Your doctor will be able to prescribe the right amount of methadone to treat your symptoms, regardless of their severity. Methadone treatment will help reduce symptoms for up to 24 hours.

Methadone MAT programs provide a structured start that encourages patients to stay on track with treatment. Patients are encouraged to visit the clinic every day in order to develop new recovery habits. Methadone MAT can be completed by someone who follows federal and state guidelines.

Washington, DC Opioid Addiction Treatment Services

We offer additional services to help with addiction. Multiple aspects of daily life are affected by opioid use disorder. With services like:

  • Methadone for MAT
  • Case Management
  • Screening for STDs
  • Integrated Primary Healthcare
  • Coordinated treatment during pregnancy
  • Addiction Prevention Education

We’ll help you improve your chances of recovery as we create your treatment plan. For the best results, be sure to tell us about all symptoms and diagnoses.

Why Work With Another Way in Washington, DC?

We are the reason our patients choose us as their clinic.

  • Respectful Care: We recognize that opioid use disorder is a medical condition which can be treated. Our staff will not only diagnose you but also treat you with dignity and respect.
  • Evidence-based Services: We have decades worth of data that shows that MAT can help people overcome opioid addiction. We have evidence to support every service we offer.
  • Personalized treatment plans: We’ll create a care plan that is tailored to you, taking into consideration your specific symptoms and circumstances. This will ensure the best chance of success.

Methadone Treatment in Washington, DC Done Right

With quality services that are affordable and accredited by leading industry organizations, we can help you to reclaim your life.

Don’t let an opioid addiction continue to run your life and steal your happiness. Our experienced and empathetic staff are ready to start you on a treatment plan designed for your enduring success. If you’ve tried everything, but nothing has stuck or reduced your urge to use, recovery is still possible through medically-assisted treatment. 

Methadone is a proven, evidence-based approach toward addiction recovery. Since its inception, our Washington, DC clinic has helped countless patients achieve sobriety – and, today, we would love to help you receive the same results.

Start the Road to Recovery

We can help you with your treatment for opioid abuse disorder. Set up an appointment to meet with us and create a customized treatment plan. Call our office at (301-434-2622) to discuss your concerns.

About Methadone Medication

Methadone is a medication that’s used in medication-assisted therapy (MAT) to reduce or stop the use of heroin and other opiates. Methadone is a medication that has been used for many decades to treat heroin addiction and pain medications. It is safe and effective when taken according to instructions. It helps people overcome their addiction and regain a meaningful and active life. Patients should be enrolled in comprehensive medication-assisted therapy (MAT) programs that include counseling and support.

What Does Methadone Do?

Methadone affects the brain’s response to pain. It reduces withdrawal symptoms and blocks the euphoric effects from opiate drugs like heroin, codeine and morphine as well as semi-synthetic opioids such as oxycodone or hydrocodone.

Methadone can be taken in tablet, liquid, or wafer form and is available in three forms. It is usually taken once per day. A dose of methadone provides pain relief for approximately four to eight hours. SAMHSA’s TIP43: Medication-Assisted Treatment For Opioid Addiction In Opioid Treatment Programmes – 2012 shows methadone can be effective at higher doses, especially for heroin users. This helps them to stay in treatment programs for longer periods.

Methadone, like all medication used in medication-assisted therapy (MAT) is to be prescribed in a comprehensive treatment plan which includes counseling and participation at social support programs.

How Can A Patient Receive Methadone?

Methadone must be administered to patients who are addicted to opioids. Patients may be allowed to use methadone at their home after a period of stability, based on the patient’s progress and consistent compliance with the medication dose. Methadone cannot be administered by any opioid treatment program (OTP), approved by SAMHSA.

Each person’s experience with methadone treatment will vary. The National Institute on Drug Abuse publication Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment – A Research-Based Guide 2012 states that methadone treatment should last no less than 12 months. Some patients may need treatment for many years. Patients may not feel ready to discontinue methadone treatment. However, they must stop it gradually to avoid withdrawal. A doctor should supervise such a decision.

Methadone Safety

Methadone addiction can make it addictive so you must use it exactly as directed. Patients who can take methadone at their own pace and don’t need to be monitored at an OTP are exempted from this requirement. Methadone medication is tailored to each patient. Doses are adjusted frequently and readjusted. It is not to be given or shared with others. To ensure safe medication use, patients should discuss their entire health history with their health care providers.

Methadone may be metabolized by other medications, which can lead to heart problems. The active ingredients of methadone can remain in the body long after the drug’s effects wear off. Unintentional overdose can result from taking more methadone.

These tips will help you achieve the best possible treatment results.

  • Do not exceed the prescribed dose and take your medication at the prescribed times. Do not take more methadone if you feel it isn’t working or missed a dose.
  • Take methadone with alcohol.
  • Methadone can cause you to be unsafe when operating machinery or driving.
  • Call 911 if you have taken too much Methadone or suspect that you may have overdosed.
  • You can prevent your children from taking methadone accidentally.
  • Keep methadone at room temperatures and away from sunlight.
  • Flush any unused methadone down the toilet.

Side Effects Of Methadone

Side effects should not be ignored as they may indicate an emergency. Methadone users should immediately stop using methadone and consult a doctor.

  • Symptoms of difficulty or shallow breathing
  • Feel faint or lightheaded
  • You may experience hives, a rash, swelling of the lips, throat, tongue or face.
  • Feel the pain in your chest
  • Feel a quick or pounding heartbeat
  • Hallucinations and confusion can be experienced

Pregnant/Baby-feeding Women and Methadone

Methadone is safe for women who are pregnant or nursing. If a woman is pregnant and experiences withdrawal from an abused drug, it can cause her uterus to contract. This could lead to miscarriage or premature birth. Methadone can prevent withdrawal symptoms, which helps pregnant women manage their addiction and avoid health risks for both baby and mother.

While methadone maintenance treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, it can cause birth defects. However, some babies might experience withdrawal after giving birth. However, this does not necessarily mean that the baby has become addicted. Infant withdrawal can begin within a few days of birth, but it may take up to four weeks.

Breastfeeding is possible for mothers who take methadone. Research shows that breastfeeding is better than taking methadone. Talk to your doctor if you are considering stopping methadone treatment because of concerns about pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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